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RSC Collage 2As each MS Swimathon directly contributes towards funding our Service Coordinator program in each region, we thought you would like to know a bit more about what Service Coordinators do and how they impact the lives of people living with MS.

We sat down with our Community Services Coordinator, to ask a few questions: 

What is a Service Coordinator?
A Service Coordinator provides a professional, unique and specialised service to people living with MS. They have knowledge of MS and the health and community services available to assist people to manage living with MS.

The Service Coordinator meets you and your family to build an understanding of how MS is affecting your life, your wellbeing, relationships, and workplace. They will work with you to develop support incorporating information and/or access to the appropriate support services.

What services does a Service Coordinator provide to people living with MS? 
Service Coordinators can link people with information and community resources in addition to facilitating a suite of self-management programs such as self-management, mindfulness, fatigue management. Webinars allows us to reach a lot more people, as we are no longer restricted by where they live. 

On average, each Service Coordinator manages a portfolio of 250-350 clients. Contact with clients vary depending upon how MS affects them over time. There may be a period when the Service Coordinator provides intense support following a change in symptoms or circumstances such as the diagnosis of MS or a relapse. People living well with MS may not have contact for a period of time but instigate contact when a need arises.   

Why is the Service Coordinator program so important?
The Service Coordinators are really the face of MS Queensland in each local community. We've moved to being a more holistic service, which focuses on overall well being - Is the client socially connected? Are their family relationships strong? What additional services or resources would improve their ability to continue to work or manage their MS better? It's relationship based with the Service Coordinator closely working alongside people living with MS to build trust and understanding as MS affects everyone differently.

Why are the MS Swimathons so important for supporting the Service Coordinator program?
While many MS Queensland services are subsidised by government, Service Coordinators are reliant on fundraising and donations in order to operate. By participating in or donating to your local MS Swimathon you know that you are directly contributing towards your local Service Coordinator being able continue to deliver their valuable services to people living with MS in your area.

Without the MS Swimathons, we would need to find funding from other sources or even cut services. Thanks to your fundraising in the MS Swimathon, the Service Coordinators are improving the lives of people living with MS.

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