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Once you have registered for the MS Swimathon, your very own personal fundraising page will be created for you to help you on your fundraising journey.

The first thing you will see when you log in is your Fundraising Account. This section provides an overview of everything you can do to personalise your page and connect with others. You can easily edit your fundraising page, tell your friends about the walk, and view your sponsors.

If you have registered as team captain, you will also have access to the Team Fundraising Page, where you can invite team members to join your team, update your team profile, email your team members and manage the team.

Here are some useful tools to help you personalise your fundraising page.

1. Make the first donation

Inspire your donors by sponsoring yourself first. Get the momentum rolling and create some interest on your fundraising page.

2. Send Emails

Sending emails will raise you more money than any other channel. Invite your friends to sponsor you, and update and thank your sponsors.

3. Social Media

Spread the word and invite your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts to sponsor you.

4. Edit Fundraising Page

People who personalise their pages go on to raise more money for those fighting MS. Upload inspiring images, update your fundraising goal, customise your background image and use your profile blurb to share your story.

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