Meet Karen

What is your occupation (e.g. teacher/mother/lawyer/retired)?
Wife, Mother and Swimathon Champion! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

Incredible gatherer of people and great people person!

When were you diagnosed with MS?

How long ago did you start experiencing MS related symptoms?
I have had symptoms of MS for 10 years or longer, but they were not consistent which led to a delayed diagnosis.

What were some of the symptoms?
Extreme Fatigue, from which I had difficulty walking

What was your reaction when you were diagnosed and do you remember what the neurologist told you?
Relieved. To keep doing what I was doing and keep on exercising.

Do you have a motto or quote that you live by?
Never give in, never give up. If you don’t use, you lose it.

What is the most frustrating/challenging thing about having MS?
Fatigue stops at times from doing certain things.

What is the most positive thing about having MS?
Refocussed on things I can do (pulled together the Redcliffe Swimathon in 2018), swimming (as I couldn’t really swim), running the Moreton Bay MS Support group, through which I meet some very amazing people.

When some doors close others open. It has also taught me to keep positive people in my life, that help lift me up.

Where do you think you’d be without MS Queensland’s help and support?
A little lost. MS Qld has opened my wyes to what I am entitle to and improved my situation. They have also supported me to reach my goals.

Please tell us anything else you wish to share about your MS journey, your involvement with MS Queensland, participation in other MS Queensland events.