Kate Casey

At just 18 years of age vision problems, numbness and constant dizziness resulted in a diagnosis of MS for Townsville local Kate. Relief set in that she could finally start treating her symptoms, however as did fear of what the future would hold for her.

“Having MS makes me have to consider everything I do in a day in a way I never had to before – to make sure I’ll have enough energy to get through all the things I want or need to do today, and to also keep in mind what energy reserves I might need for tomorrow.

Some things I just do in a different way or to a lesser degree now. I love walking in the afternoons after work, but some days I have to take a shorter track. When I play squash, I take longer breaks between games.”

14 years on and Kate is remaining to live positively and actively with MS. Participating in her fourth Townsville Swimathon, she is looking forward to the community coming together once again to have some fun, cool off and raise much needed funds and awareness for a cause so close to her heart.

“It’s great to be able to assist in raising funds for the work that MS Queensland does for so many MS patients, including myself. It’s also a fantastic way to actively raise awareness about the disease both in the lead up to the event and also on the day.

I also love spending time at the Swimathon with friends from the local MS community, as well as incredibly generous strangers who give up their time (and energy!) to participate. It’s a very social experience!”

Kate is an active member of the local MS community and is grateful for the friendships and support network she has around her. “Without the support of MS Queensland, I wouldn’t have the inspiration and incredible friendships or the amazing support network that’s been developed across the region.”

It’s not too late, join Kate in supporting locals living with MS and make your ripple within the MS community!

Kate Casey
Fighting MS since 2006