Kellie Carpenter

Kellie Carpenter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1998, at just 29 years of age. She recalls from the age of 15 struggling to have hot showers due to fatigue, which she can now pin point as a symptom of her MS.

Severe fatigue, balance issues and the loss of her sense of smell were all symptoms that Kellie experienced prior to her official diagnosis.

A rollercoaster of emotions followed her diagnosis. “In some ways relief followed by feelings of fear for not just my future but that of my husband and children. Them having to care for me was never part of the deal.”

Due to her balance issues, poor cognitive function and overwhelming fatigue, Kellie was forced to no longer run her own business in order to focus on her health.

“The relief was that I had an answer to what was happening, but my business was our main source of income and now I was not able to keep up. I had gone from 6 days a week managing a business and household to barely being able to find the energy to shower.”

“MS does change a lot of things but looking back it gave me something that I have been able to pass on to my children and that’s perseverance and determination to keep moving forwards no matter how small the task or success. My small steps have led me to being back at work full time assisting other people with disabilities to gain and maintain employment.”

As a local resident of the Sunshine Coast, Kellie has agreed to dive into her local MS Swimathon as an ambassador, with the hope of raising awareness for people living with MS, highlighting employer awareness for those that continue into employment.

Kellie’s passion and dedication to the cause extends to a Working with MS Support Group on the Sunshine Coast, who raised $4,907 at the inaugural 2015 Sunshine Coast MS Swimathon.

Kellie Carpenter
Fighting MS since 1998