Lane of Fame

What is the Lane of Fame?

As the warmer months approach and the MS Swimathon gets ready to return for another year, we are very excited to introduce our ‘Lane of Fame’ to the MS Swimathon community.  The Lane of Fame is a way of recognising and rewarding some of our inspiring swim supporters who have shown incredible dedication (both in and out of the pool) to the MS Swimathon.

Since it began in 2010, the MS Swimathon has grown across Queensland, with hundreds of wonderful supporters dusting off their goggles and swimming caps, taking on the challenge of a swim relay and showing over 5,500 Queenslanders living with MS that they do not have to face it alone.

Over the years, the MS Swimathon has become a tradition for many supporters. It is a chance to come together, connect with the local community and get involved in their cities ‘biggest pool party.’

What’s a party without a bit of celebration? The MS Swimathon Lane of Fame is a chance for the MS Queensland team to celebrate the amazing achievements of our wonderful swimmers who have returned to the pool year after year, and made a HUGE impact with their fundraising.

In 2021, we were excited to welcome the first group of supporters to the Lane of Fame. The Lane of Fame recognises all those who have taken part in the MS Swimathon for 5+ years or raised $5000 or more (across multiple years).

Lane of Fame Leader Board

Adele Pickering
Aimee Segal
Amanda Johnston
Andrew Tolputt
Angela O'Keeffe
Anthony Fabrellas
Archie Challen
Ashleigh Do Rozario
Ashley Gil
Audrey Lalor
Brendan Dale
Brian Keogh
Bruce Nean
Bobbie-jo Patterson
Cameron Kennedy
Cameron Hope
Catherine Reitsma
Clinton Payton
Craig Goody
Clancy Feuerriegel
Damon Mahy
Dan Stampa
David Murray
David Beitey
Dannielle Shields
Debra Cody
Diane Andrell
Ean Pool
Erin Moran
Felicity Morris
Fran Moroney
Gail Harbott
Glenys O'Dempsey
Greg Wilkes
Hayden Busk
Hayley Wolff
Jamie Leggat
Jasmine Naumann
Jason Wicks
Jeanette Hawes
Jen Veivers
Jenni Saunders
John Moy
John O'Dempsey
Julia Henker
Justin Kirkegaard
Justin Stewart
Julenne Borsboom
Karen Patzer
Kate Casey
Katelin Balderson
Kellie Carpenter
Kylie Messenger
Lachlan Terry
Lauren Coventon
Lauren McKay
Leanne Williams
Linda Owens
Lisa Crathorne
Luke Fraser
Luke De Nys
Marcus Leggat
Maree Antonio
Marika Kerr
Matt Whitehouse
Michaela Chilcott
Mick Tonner
Mitch Leaney
Mitchell Kerr
Molly Atkins
Myles Segal
Nathan Johnston
Ned Mott
Niki Wrigglesworth
Patricia Schultz
Paul Freeman
Peter Hancox
Rachel Kerr
Rhonda Collings
Richard Munoz
Rik de Meer
Sally McGlashan
Sarah Wrigglesworth
Sharon Payton
Sherriff Dury
Sian Burrows
Simone Higgins
Sonia Turner
Steven Burchill
Stuart Menzie
Sue De Meer
Susan Barklem
Susan Burton
Suzanne Shannon
Tasman Saywell
Thomas Henker
Tonita Pease
Trisha Telford
Ty Johnson
Warwick Atkinson
William Tot